"In Galveston Texas, somewhere around 1949-50.

My brother (in front) and me. I always liked his expression..."

-Scott Cadwallader 

"These are my maternal grandparents. Dan Culpepper and Pansy Culppepper. This photo would have to be mid 1950’s if I had to guess, because he passed away around when my Mom was 1 year old and she was born in 1956. He was in the Pacific during WW2, in the service of the US Army. He was a prisoner of war and him along with other fought to escape their way to freedom. She was a mother to 8 children, very religious woman who loved to read and tell stories. She would often tell stories of tales or of old times or family heritage to me for hours on end, it was fascinating." -David Pesnell.

Molly Olwig's grandfather, William Olwig (Bill).

Location unknown, July 1957. 

William Olwig (middle), other subjects and location unknown. 

September, 1954.

William Olwig, May 1955.

Richard Newell, USAF Crew Chief 

Sep 1958, 34th Fighter Squadron George AFB

Unknown co-worker took the picture

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