Karen in a kitchen. Location unknown. 


Bruce holding baby Greg (my uncle, oldest of the brothers) in one hand. " -Devin Hull. 


"Grandma Karen and Grandpa Bruce (paternal). Grandma Karen is pointing a gun and grandpa is plugging his ears." -Devin Hull. 


"June 1963 a lake in upstate ny, my dad is in the middle, one of his cousins in the front and my uncle in the back." -Gwen Walsh.

Subject: L-R: Helen (Clifford) Redmond and Ambrose Redmond

Florida, 1963.

Photographer: Unknown

"I don't know much about this picture, but this is my great-grandparents, likely on vacation, as they lived in Massachusetts their whole lives." --Alicia Winokur

"August 1964, NYC, my great grandfather, my dad and my uncle." -Gwen Walsh.

James Brunell May III (Jimmy May) 

January, 19 1965. 

Dayton, OH. 

"Brothers Jon, Chris, and greg are wearing Halloween costumes in front of the fireplace at their home in Silver Spring."


"Greg, Jon, and Chris pose in their Halloween costumes next to a pile of wood at their house in Silver Spring."


Subject: L-R: James Winokur and Harold Heller

Miami, FL, 1968

Photographer: Unknown, possibly my grandfather, Richard Winokur.

"My dad, age 3, sucking his thumb, while his grandfather Harold imitates him." -Alicia Winokur

 "Karen hangs up decorations on a Christmas tree at their home in Silver Spring."


"Karen sits in a chair watching her sons Jon, Greg (on the bike) and Chris unwrap presents at their home in Silver Spring."


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