"Chris in a cherry blossom tree in front of their home in Silver Spring." 1972

Bruce, Chris, Jon, and greg at a picnic bench in front of a cabin. Location unknown. 1972

Jimmy May

1973. Dayton, OH.

"Greg feeds a raccoon with Chris in the background. Location unknown." 1974.

"Uncle Greg’s school photo, circa 1974-1975." -Devin Hull

January 25, 1976. Windsor Place Brooklyn, New York

(Left to right): Kerry, Maryann, Paul, Ann 

"My mom grew up in MA but would take the train down to visit her cousins in NY and cause the most chaos possible." -Abbie Henshaw 

Nancy Santos Newcombe (left) and her son Joe Torres (Right). 1976, New York City. 

Melody Morrill being held by her grandfather Charles A.Morrill and grandmother Margaret Story Morrill. 1976, Windham, Maine.

Connie February, 8 1978. 

"My mom Connie was in her mid-twenties when she and her friends saw an ad in the paper for people wanting penpals. 

She sent letters back and forth with this man who, turns out, was writing her from jail for a non-violent offense of some sort.

He asked her to send a photo of herself and so she got all dolled up and had my grandpa take a polaroid of her (not smiling bc she said she felt weird posing like that for the camera.)

...and afterwards felt it was not appropriate to send, so she kept it all these years." 

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