Rita Patrick, 1980s. 

"It was eight years ago today that my mother Rita Patrick moved on from her physical existence. It's a bit much to wrap my mind around how much time has passed now. That wild chapter in our lives involving her doesn't seem like it should be that far gone.

Outside of myself and my immediate family, I know she still gets under the skin of those that were ever close to her. It was her nature. She had a magic way of making people think, one way or another. A manner of making herself evident in your mind.

Other than all of us who knew mom, I also think about the people these past eight years who should have met her. The individuals whose lives didn't get that dramatic impact of knowing Rita. Whether it was love that she was showing you, or a storm, she didn't approach this planet lukewarm.

While I was in Knoxville last month, I acquired a few photographs of mom that I hadn't seen before. A couple of them were part of a photo shoot from the 1980s that I had a single image from. The headshot from that session is the one I've picked to share." -Her son, Darrick Patrick on a Facebook post he made in 2018.

Rita Patrick, early 1980s.

Jill Dupre, early 1980s. Welsh, Louisiana. 

Josh Mayer & his friend Eric. USC, 1981. 

Sheila and Charles, Brazil, 1981. 

Rita Patrick, early 1980s. 

"Circa 1983. My mom was in grade 8 at St. Mary’s Convent School in Sahiwal, Punjab, Pakistan. This was during “parents day” at the end of the school year where the kids would do performances of plays and stuff. They’re doing some Pangy day type thing." -Zara Malik.

 "My mom and her siblings n cousins dressed up for Halloween in the first pic n in the second pic they took a family photo." -Zara Malik 

1983, Sahiwal. 


"Also circa 1983 in Sahiwal. My mom and her siblings n cousins dressed up for Halloween in the first pic." -Zara Malik.

Joe Torres, New York City, 1988.

Richard and Patricia Newell

June, 1987, Northfield, NJ

Sally Reagan (left), late 1980s.

"My dad at his brothers house holding my cousin as a baby." 

1989, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. 

Rita Patrick (left). 1989. 

Photo by Sally Reagan. 

Late 1980s.

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