Melody Morrill. 

Falmouth, ME. ~1990. 

(From left to right) Melody Morrill, Erika Lloyd & Heather Hogle. 

Winter ~1992, taken outside of Portland High School in Portland, Maine.

"My dad, 1992 or 1993 location unknown- during a cross country road trip." -Gwen Walsh

Ryan Davis & Heather Hogle. 

San Francisco, CA ~1992.

Melody Morrill (top) & Colby Watkins. 

~1993, Windham, ME. 

"Colby was playing the organ that used to be on Stevens ave near the dining room but it was originally at the camp. He was practicing for our band. I am in top photo when we were taking his dog Madix to the vet in Portland. The dog was a Catalouha from the Irish Channel down in New Orleans that just walked in our house in the Irish channel one day and ate some cat food and never left." 

Rita Patrick (middle white) and Darrick Patrick (middle black). 1993, French Quarter, Mardi Gras. 

"Albany NY, my parents apartment in 1993." -Gwen Walsh

Drake Fuller, Melody Morrill, and Colby Watkins. 

San Francisco, CA. ~1994. 

"Ed and Gloria with baby  Deanna - first BBQ this would be November 1994." -Deanna Bach.

"My mom and her cousin throwing rose petals at the bride (my moms sister, Nadia)." 

1996, Sahiwal.  

Melody Morrill & her father Dennis Morrill. 

1996, Rue De La Course, New Orleans.

 "My mom and her beloved son in our downtown apartment UofT student housing freshly immigrated." -Zara Malik 

Toronto, 1999.

"1998 on Irving Street in Albany. Me, my dad, and my sister." -Gwen Walsh.

Jimmy May & Rita Patrick. July 28th, 1999, Uptown New Orleans LA. Touro Hospital. 

Jimmy is looking at his daughter (Joliet) in the nursery right after she was born. On his right is Joliet's godmother, Rita.

Joliet Morrill 

New Orleans, LA. July, 1999.


Melody Morrill. Joliet Morrill, Jimmy May. 

French Market, New Orleans, LA. October, 1999. 


Joliet Morrill. 

December 25th, 1999. New Orleans, LA. 

~Late 1990s. 

"This collection comes from digital scans of analogue prints from my family's storage. Of the over 2,700 images in our archives from 1996 to 2003, only 45 included my mother who, as well as raising me and my siblings, had taken up the helm of family photographer and therefore placed herself as the one primarily behind the camera. This retrospective focuses on her." -Jesse Brooks.

Sally Reagan. 


Photo by Sally Reagan. 

~Late 1990s.

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