Nancy Walters (Rita's mother, in white shirt on left) and Todd Mollock (Rita's husband, red and black shirt.)

2010, New Orleans, LA

A celebration of Rita Patrick's life.

"Rita Lynne Patrick, age 45 of New Orleans, Louisiana and formerly of Dayton, Ohio, passed away on Friday, April 23rd, 2010. She lived life to the fullest and spent much of hers as a club promoter booking musicians and artists, thus encouraging many individuals to follow their own creative paths in life. Rita was a loving friend and did her best to always help people along their journey. She was preceded in death by her father Harold L. Patrick, and close friends Jimmy May and Johnny O'Connor. Survived by the love of her life Todd Mollock, son Darrick Patrick, mother Nancy Walters, brothers James Patrick and Harold Patrick Jr., sister Lisa Patrick-Wright, grandmother Lora L. Morris, special nephew Cody Patrick, godchild Joliet Morrill, and a host of other relatives and friends. The Second Line (brass band parade) began at 5:00 p.m. on Friday, April 30th, 2010 starting at The Abbey at 1123 Decatur Street with the Treme Brass Band leading into the Memorial Service which was held at Melvin's Bar at 2112 St. Claude Ave. Musicians at the ceremony who performed for Rita were Coco Robicheaux, Guitar Lightnin' Lee, MC Trachiotomy, The Unnaturals, and The Pallbearers among others."

2010, New Orleans, LA. 

"Brass band parade for Rita Patrick's service moving from The Abbey to Melvin's Bar with the Treme Brass Band in New Orleans, Louisiana"

2010. New Orleans, LA

Coco Robicheaux (front left) and Nancy Walters. 2010, French Quarter New Orleans, LA. ​​​​​​​

Jessica and Zara Malik, 2010. 

"Me and my childhood best friend Jessica on her porch in 2010 taking a selfie on her dad’s digital camera BEFORE SELFIES WERE EVEN INVENTED 💅🏽💅🏽💅🏽 "

Alyssa Yeary and her cousin Sybella, June 5, 2010. Dance recital.

Zara Malik, 2010. 

"Right before our grade 5 talent show where I sang the song “I Believe” by Nikki Yanofksy aka a Canadian Olympics CLASSIC. This was “backstage” and I was performing the song with my friend Kristen who I had a HUGE crush on. Anyways I was always a very musical and artistic kid but painfully shy so this was my first time putting myself out there."

Alyssa Yeary, April 17, 2011 

"I’m playing a drum for a church play. I haven’t been to church in a long time. But I remember singing twinkle twinkle little star for the whole church and playing in Sunday school."  

Joliet Morrill (far left), Kami Poor (middle pink), Mary Balbin (far right).
2011, El Paso, TX, Terrace Hills Middle school dance. 

"I remember this day pretty well, I remember wearing these silly little headbands all the time (as you can see, with the weird rhinestone on the top right of my head.) I think I got them at an outdoor flea market that I used to go to all the time in El Paso with my mom. I was definitely so nervous to take this picture and was super intimidated by everyone in the photo. Kami was one of closest friends, but definitely more popular than me." 

Isha, Zara, and Stefanie, 2011.

"... in the school bathroom taking mirror selfies and making weird faces trying to make fun of the kind of pics that other girls posted on Facebook."

"Left to right- Karina Ramírez, Eduardo Ramírez, Natalia Ramírez, No one cares who this man is."  -Karina Ramírez. 

2011, El Yunque Rainforest. 

Desiree Garcia, (date unknown, possibly 2011). 

Crescent Park, New Orleans, LA. 2012.

Shot by Joliet Morrill.

Alyssa Yeary and her family, March 5, 2012 Dollywood Tennessee. 

"I believe this was right after my mom and dad got married. I’m with my dad and little brother in this picture."

Zara Malik. 2012. 

"Justin Bieber Believe concert this was the first concert I went to with my friend Stefanie and they had this photo booth thing where you can take pictures next to Justin LMAOOO my outfit"

Clementine Furber. 

Portland, Maine, 2013.

Renni Kieschnick & Joliet Morrill. 2012, New Orleans, LA. ​​​​​​​

Zara Malik, 2013. 

"Again my 2013 beanie nerd glasses hipster era in grade 9 when I had just started at this catholic public high school that I hated so much. I had one singular friend named Brooke and she used to hype me up to take pics like these and not feel ugly compared to the cool popular white girls." 

Screenshot of Zara Malik's Instagram, 2013.

"This is a random screenshot I found of what my Instagram looked like in 2013 💀💀💀 I loved Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato and was obsessed w my cat who I had just bought for $20 off of Kijiji (Canada’s version of eBay)."

Zara Malik (right) and friend, 2013. ​​​​​​​

"...for halloween me and my friends went to Halloween Haunt which is this seasonal event at Canada’s Wonderland (our version of Six Flags, but there’s literally only one amusement park). Doing these hand poses was cool for some reason LMFAOOO. This was my cool girl tumblr hipster beanie era with those big ass nerd glasses and infinity scarf omfg."

Zara Malik, 2013. 

"I was going to my second Justin Bieber concert for his Believe Tour in Toronto and I was on belieber stan twitter so I had posted this pic so my belieber mutuals at the concert could spot me (and they did!!!!)" 

Joliet Morrill & Renni Kieschnick. 2013, Washington Square Park, Marigny, New Orleans, LA. 

"I had recently moved back to New Orleans. Renni and I went to St Paul Lutheran School in the Marigny. When I was younger, this park was right inbetween my mom and dad's house, and I would come here after school with my dad all the time. It felt silly revisiting my childhood park but we had no shame getting on the swings." 

Renni Kieschnick, 2013 Mardi Gras Week, Uptown, New Orleans LA. 

Sophie Schweik (left) and brother. March 13, 2013 Nottingham. 

"It was our first day in Nottingham! We finally got our visas figured out and we were exploring the Nottingham campus. I love this image because it’s of my my brother and I and I don’t have many of those."

Sophie Schweik (middle Brasil shirt) and family. February 2013 Holiday, Florida. 

"My family and I were supposed to be in Europe for my parents research and we were renting our house out to other folks. Sadly, we had a visa problem so by the time the renters had to move in we couldn’t leave the US. So we made the most of the situation and rented a van and drove across Florida! We were all laughing in this, my parents were so stressed but we were all excited."

Elena Ortiz & Joliet Morrill. 2014, Portland, Maine. 

"You can really tell there's that "vintage" brown tint Vsco filter on this photo. Everyone's Instagram feed at this time looked like this."

Screenshot from Elle Spurr's Instagram. 

Maine, 2015. 

Joliet Morrill & Bernie Sanders. 2015, Portland, Maine. 

"I remember posting this and Bernie wasn't super mainstream yet, and people asked if he was my grandfather."

Hope Avrard & Ta'Juan Clark. Bywater, New Orleans, LA 2016. 

Shot by Joliet Morrill.

Zara Malik, 2015, Canada. 

"I was 16 and on Instagram someone had tagged me in some challenge where you drop what you’re doing and take and post a picture of you at that exact moment, no time to get ready or anything. I felt insecure without makeup but I took these webcam selfies on my laptop and posted them."

Aidan & Adam. 

Boston, MA. 2016.

Screenshot from Elle Spurr's Insta. Maine. 2016.

Screenshot from Elle Spurr's Instagram. 

Maine, 2016.

(From left to right) John Adil, Aidan Mitchell, Elle Spurr. Joey Harrigan. 2016, Portland, Maine. Photo taken on Canon t5 in Congress Square in downtown Portland on a hot summer day.

(From left to right) Joliet Morrill, Aidan Mitchell, and Elle Spurr. 

2016, Portland, Maine.

John Adil.

Southport, Maine, 2016. 

(Left to right) Aidan Mitchelll, Joey Harrigan. Elle Spurr, Alonzo Antoine. 

2016, Portland, Maine 

Elle Spurr.

2016, Portland, Maine.

Joliet Morrill, Elle Spurr, Joey Harrigan, Aidan Mitchell. P

Portland, Maine 2016.

Clementine Furber & Elle Spurr. 

Portland, Maine 2017. 

Taken by Joliet Morrill. 

Anthony Avena's cat, Aspen. October 19th, 2017, 2:55pm.

Tom (left) and Ali Wade (Right), 2019, Great Barrington, MA. Alice in Wonderland themed family thanksgiving.

A screenshot from Joliet's finsta archive.

2017, various locations, mostly Portland, ME.

"Photographer looking at a photo he recently took of a skater as he kneel to take a break."

Shot by Trenity Thomas. 

May 1, 2017. New Orleans, LA.

Laura, May, Maggie. 

Summer 2017, Maine. 

Aisling Driscoll & John Adil. 

Downtown Portland, Maine. Summer 2017.

Aisling Driscoll (bottom left), Joliet Morrill (middle left), Joey Harrigan (back middle), Maggie Lawless (middle white), John Adil (bottom right). 

Joliet's 18th birthday party celebration/going away. 

2017, Portland, Maine.

Charlie (cowboy hat), Emily, Abigail, Renni. August, 2 2017. Uptown, New Orleans.

Anonymous, screenshot of finsta post. 


Orientation, Mount Holyoke College, 2017.

December 25, 2017. Uptown, New Orleans, LA. Taken by Joliet Morrill in her mom's (Melody) living room. 

Julienne & Adam, December, 25 2017. Uptown, New Orleans, LA. Taken on Huji Cam.

Hope & Julienne. December, 26 2017. City Park New Orleans.

Dev, Ash, Joliet, John. 

Portland, Maine, 2018. 

There are really no words for this picture. Taken on a Macbook Photobooth. 

Dev, Ash, Joliet, John. 

Portland, Maine, 2018. 

Holding the stolen Eiffel Tower from Portland High School prom from the year before.

Dev, Ash, John, Joliet. 

"Paris" 2018. 

Zara Malik & Joliet Morrill. 

Bombay Royale, Northampton, MA. 2018.

After a ~delectable~ meal.

Zara Malik at inhaler point (Joliet behind inhaler). 

Super Blanch, Mount Holyoke College, MA. 2018

Screenshot from anonymous finsta. 


Mel Gomes & Merlin (the cat). 

Christmas Eve 2018, New Orleans, LA. 

Joliet Morrill & Clementine Furber. 

Saritas, New Orleans, LA. 2019. 

"The BEST hot sauces."

Uncle Craig (top left), Nehamiah (middle left), Zion (middle right), and Mercury Fredrick (bottom). 

Valentines Day 2019.

"March 2019, Stadtpark in Vienna with my friend Marta, we were having a picnic and ate an entire container of plums because they’d ripened in the sunshine " -Tori Gernett-Doott.

"I️ was wandering around the city looking for the art museum and noticed a chair was down." 

Shot by Trenity Thomas. 

April 1st, 2019. Miami, Florida

Joliet Morrill. 

Shot by Trenity Thomas.

Bywater, New Orleans, LA. May 2019.

Andre Hubbard & Joliet Morrill. 

Shot by Trenity Thomas.

Bywater, New Orleans, LA. May 2019.

Joliet Morrill & Andre Hubbard. 

Frenchman St, New Orleans, LA. May, 2019.

Taken on a polaroid by Trenity Thomas.

Screenshot of Joliet's Instagram feed. 

Photos all taken in New Orleans, LA, ~May 2019. 

Joliet Morrill, Chelsy Wiley, and Chelsy's sister. 

Local Nomads photowalk, summer 2019. 

New Orleans, LA.

Scott Cadwallader (middle) accompanied by Thirsty Mind baristas. October, 24 2019 South Hadley, MA. Halloween themed open mic. 

Kazoo band. October, 24 2019. Halloween themed open mic, Thirst Mind Cafe, South Hadley, MA

New Years Eve, 2019. 3 minutes before midnight. 

Roswell, Charles, and Joliet.

West Bank, New Orleans, LA.

Screenshot from Devin's finsta. 


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