"2000. Toronto, Ontario Canada. Ripleys aquarium my dads (Bob) first time at the aquarium." -Zara Malik.  

Jimmy May and Tripp. 

2000, French Quarter, New Orleans, LA

Melody Morrill & Rita Patrick.

Sin City, French Quarter, New Orleans, 2000. 

When I asked my mom (Melody) what year this photo was taken she said "Oh definitely 2000, it was right after I had you and I can always date photos because of the outfits I wore."

Mary Erickson (left) and Alison Erickson (right). 2001.

Alison Erickson (middle) & parents on left. 2001, China. 

Subject unknown, taken by Frank Erickson.

 2001, China. 

Allison Erickson and adoption families. 

2001, China.

Alison Erickson (left) and Frank Erickson (dad) (right).


Kaitlyn Townsend and Santa, 2001. 

"Cursed photo of me with Santa in 2001. There is no joy in my eyes. Also my father cut my bangs......you can clearly tell."

Rita Patrick swim club id.

 Dayton, OH, 2003.

Tom Wade (Left)

 2003-2004 Darien, CT Ox Ridge Elementary. 

Snapchat photo of the actual photograph, which is indicated by the countdown number on the top right corner of the screen. 

"I was a very shy child and I can’t remember whether or not I got out of doing my presentation in front of the class because of anxiety or whatever. I do remember that, in private, I was able to recite word for word the Gettysburg address to my teacher. This impressed her enough to get me an A on the whole project."

"This my picture of my mom Naomi and dad David when they first met in the year 2003 a year before I was born :) this was taken in san Francisco at my dad's old apartment" -Joselyn Crowton.

Tori Gernert-Dott and her dad (Pete). 

Christmas 2003, Niskayuna, NY. 

"Going to bed on Xmas Eve 2003, Niskayuna NY." -Tori Gernert-Dott

Joliet & Melody decorating the Christmas tree. ~2002/2003? 

French Quarter, Conti St, New Orleans, LA.

Joliet playing with tinsel while decorating the tree for Christmas, ~2002/2003? French Quarter, Conti Street, New Orleans, LA.

Melody Morrill & Joliet Morrill. 2003, French Quarter, New Orleans.

"I remember my mom had her friend come take cool black and white film photos at the pool we used to swim at. The courtyard had this amazing spiral staircase that led up to the balcony. I had my birthday's at this pool and learned how to swim here. My mom and I were the only ones who ever seemed to use it."

Joliet dressed as a Turkey. ~2004? 

French Quarter, Conti St, New Orleans, LA.

Joliet Morrill & Melody Morrill. ~2004, New Orleans, LA.

Joliet Morrill, Melody Morrill, Lisa Lodrigues, and Colby Watkins. 

French Quarter, New Orleans, LA.


Joliet and classmates. 

French Quarter, New Orleans, LA. 


Sarah Barksdale (middle) and parents, 2004, Southern California.

"Me and our first puppy, Tally-Ho!, at Ben and Jerry’s in Saratoga Springs, NY...2004?" -Tori Gernet-Dott.

Abbie Henshaw

September 16, 2005. Alexandria, VA.

"My mom used to have us get our portraits done every once in a while when we were little. They dressed me up and had me pose."

Zara Malik, 2005, Toronto Pearson Airport year. 

"My friend Chinki (in the green shirt) was moving back to India so we all came to send her off. I was a huge Britney Spears fan so I used to pose like her in all these pics LMAO"

Chrissy Boisvert (middle) and siblings.

 2005, Illinois.

Mercury Frederick and their mother Kisha. On grandma's front porch in Virginia. 


"My aunt Nikki, eldest brother Elijah, cousin Cahlee, and me at what I think is a birthday party for me. Power rangers were my jam." -Mercury Frederick


Joliet Morrill & classmates. 

St. Louis Cathedral Academy, New Orleans, LA. 


January 25, 2006 Abbie's parent's bedroom in Alexandria, VA

(Left to right) Abbie Henshaw, Bob (dad), Michael (brother) and Katie (sister),

"Reading a series of unfortunate Events but really just causing chaos."

Visit to WW2 Memorial in DC on November 25, 2007.

(Left to right): Bob, Katie, Michael, and Abbie

Zara Malik and Kiran, 2007. 

"We saw high school musical and wanted to take pics on Kiran’s sister’s cool new hot pink mini Sony camera of us jumping mid air. My family met Kiran’s family back in the early 2000s because we were living in the same apartment downtown. We were all having a party at my new house and were playing in my basement!!"

Sj Nelms (left) and baby brother. 2007 or 2008.

Arabella O'Brien, ~2008, Lisburn Ireland. Boxing Day.

Abbie Henshaw's childhood home. June 23, 2008. House located in Alexandria, VA

Abbie's cousins house in New Jersey, August 22, 2009. 

Abbie (left) Grace (right).

"I grew up driving to Boston and stopping in NJ to visit my cousins all the time. We always had a blast together."

Alyssa Yeary (Front in pink), August, 9 2009. Alyssa is at her grandmother's house hiding under the stairs because of a tornado warning.

"Joliet Morrill by Rita Patrick. ~2009, El Paso, Texas."

I always thought this photo was taken around Halloween, but I think this was taken of me during Christmas. Of course I was just walking around with fangs. 

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